Keemala Phuket offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the greenest possible credentials and ‘ethical eating’. Keemala Phuket resort is famous for good reason. Set within the island’s verdant jungle territory, its pool villas and cottages operate on a lowest-possible impact philosophy – for instance, each villa features its own water treatment system to reduce excess use and smart heating technology that minimises electricity use. More amazingly still, Keemala also strongly encourages ‘ethical eating’; dishing up some of Thailand’s most delicious vegan and vegetarian meals, a huge step towards contributing to lowering carbon emissions and saving animal lives. In fact, guests can even make friends with the resort’s biggest star; a water buffalo that was saved from a slaughterhouse and now resides at the luxurious Phuket retreat

Keemala offers the following services to LGBTQ+ clients:

  • Private pool villa accommodation,
  • Romantic dining (on the beach, on the roof-top, another secluded setting),
  • Wedding ceremonies

Information about wedding ceremonies: Keemala-Wedding-Brochure-Oct-16 – Nurat Atibaedya


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